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Radiant heat is actually an old technology. It's common knowledge that the ancient Romans used it to heat their public baths. In Europe we have relied upon radiant heat for over 60 years. Many radiant floors, most using copper tubing buried within concrete slabs, were installed and used successfully in the 1960's and 70's. But they all suffered from one primary problem….longevity. Copper within concrete is highly susceptible to corrosion and a lifespan of 50 years for a radiant floor was considered exceptional.

Today, modern plastics not only share many of the heat emitting properties of copper, but also provide greater flexibility, corrosion resistance, and a lifespan of over 100 years.

Under floor heating makes your home more comfortable. The temperature of the ground surface is at approx. 25°C, we feel most comfortable with this temperature neither too cold nor too warm. With the ground correctly heated - it becomes games heaven for children whom like nothing better than lying and playing on the floor. Unlike traditional heating systems which warm up the air first about the ceiling, under floor heating brings the heat, where it is needed, onto the body first and then upwards.


Enjoy The Advantages of Heat at Your Feet

  1. Even distribution of heat in rooms of any size.
  2. Very little air movement means reduced heat loss and no cold spots.
  3. All floor types and coverings become warm, cosy and comforable to the touch ideal especially for children and bare feet.
  4. Heat is concentrated in the living space i.e. not at the ceiling, as with the convection heating.
  5. No noise from creaking radiators or no protrusion of wall heaters of any kind.
  6. Will help increase the value of your home.
  7. Unlimited control with or without room thermostats.

Wake up gradually with the warmth under your foot as you step into your bathroom to begin your day as there is nothing like the cold shock of reality when you foot hits an icy tile.

Enjoy the comfort of stepping on your tiled floors while preparing your meals instead of wishing you knew where your other slipper was.

How does it work………

  • Carefully manufactured plastic tubing with a double oxygen coating is laid in conjunction with pipe tracking. This is then connected to a specially designed distribution manifold.
  • The tracking is first laid in position on the high density insulation or sub floor material. This is designed to keep the piping firmly in the correct position.
  • Piping is laid evenly over all the floor area where heat is required. Pipes are laid at equal distances apart in order to ensure even heat on the floor surface. Each circuit starts and finishes at the distribution manifold. With closer spacing of the pipes, quicker response times and greater efficiency can be achieved.
  • The piping is then covered with concrete or finished screed.
  • The flow pipes are connected to the supply modules. These valves can be controlled manually or from a room thermostat connected to an actuator fitted to the module. The return pipes are connected to the return modules. These valves can be balanced by turning the valve on the flow meter. The flow indicator monitors the flow rate. This is important to ensure even heat distribution where different loop lengths are connected to the same manifold.
  • The manifold also includes end modules, connecting modules, temperature gauges, drain or filling valves, air vents, insulation valves and mounting brackets. The manifold require no extra fittings and its quick assembly saves time and money



When compared to usual heaters, floor or wall heating produces more radiant heat rather than convection heat. Traditional heaters heat a room through the circulation of air from bottom to top and therefore constantly stir up dust particles and microorganisms. The floor and wall heaters, however, primarily give off radiant heat, which, as many know from tiled floor surfaces, feels more pleasant and is biologically and hygienically advantageous.

For exposed external walls i.e. (Living rooms with a lot of glass) wall heating is extreamely suitable for these areas.

We offer a full service from design right through to installation and commissioning of all under floor heating systems and again as I mentioned on the heat pumps we are free to choose our products as we wish. If a new component comes on the market and it is an improvement on what we have the option to use as we are not governed by Package Deals from Suppliers.

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